Covid-19 secure


   Congratulations Team!   

Covid-19 Compliance Certificate Issued by the Independent Garage Association Aug 2020

We are pleased to announce to our customers that on 7th August 2020 we were awarded the Covid-19 Compliance certificate. This is in recognition of all the work we have put in to making our site and business safe for staff and customers alike. Achieving a mark of 100% over 13 individual levels of examination.

This certificate is awarded by the IGA ( Independent Garage Association) after the business has undergone a detailed audit by the IGA, to ensure that the business meets or exceeds required levels of Covid-19 care and safety.

We are very pleased with these results because it is a reward for all our attention to detail ensuring the safety of all who come to us for work or help. We would like to thank all our customers for their patience with the new process' we have had to put in place which have enabled us to be awarded this certificate.


Thank you everyone and Stay Safe! xx