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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about your car? Here we like to put your mind at rest and answer any question you have! No question is too big or small. If you have a question then...

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  • Should I repair my old car or buy a new one?

If the repairs are less than the official value of your car (not how much YOU think it's worth) then it is worth repairing. Once repairs get towards the official value then you have to decide if you don't repair your car then how much can you put into a new car? Take professional advice BEFORE making a decision.

  • Is car maintenance really that important?

Car maintenance is very important. For example, An unusual "wooshing / rubbing noise" from the engine may seem insignificant & is often ignored by the driver because they "can't afford the time" or they will "wait until next pay-day". This is FALSE ECONOMY because if the noise was a cam belt breaking & it was repaired as soon as the noise developed then the bill could have been around £200 but if left until the belt breaks then they could be looking around £1000

  • Why do my brakes squeak?

Brakes squeak because of a number of factors. The obvious one is that they could be worn out. Another factor is a dust build up in the drums or around the braking surface. Another is the friction surfaces get "glazed" & they need to be De-Glazed & lubricated.

  • What is a good first car?

Any car is a good first car because prior to that you would have been walking! The ideal 1st car should be based on as low an insurance group as possible. One or two would be ideal. This will be a small car & perfect for gaining experience on the road on your own.

  • Can you insure someone else's car?

Each insurance company is different but generally speaking if a person is "Fully Comprehensive Cover" on there own car then that should mean that they are insured to drive "anyone else's car with the owners permission" but only 3rd party. You can also insure someone's car on a short term insurance, say for a week or so, but it can be quite expensive.

  • How can I ensure I get my money's worth?

The same as when buying a car, if you have no vehicle to part exchange then you should certainly be asking / negotiating a "best deal for cash". This won't mean that you have to bring in a bag full of pound notes, it just means that you are not asking to buy the car on finance & may save you a bit of cash....dependent on the garage involved. If you do have a car to part exchange never accept the first offer, always try & bump up the offer price or try & reduce the screen price of the car you are buying. Even if they are only going to throw in 6 months road tax it all helps to get your money's worth.

  • What can I do if I have a problem in my first year of purchase?

Depending on the age of the car you have bought & what was included at the time of purchase. If the car is only two years old then that car normally comes with a 3 year minimum warrant so it will (or should) be covered under a warranty. If the car is 3 years or older at the point of purchase you will have a minimum of 3 months warranty so if you get a problem after 6 or 7 months

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