Meet The Staff

Carl Keenan [The Gaffa]

the greek

Mechanical Technician 

Diagnostic Technician

MOT Tester

Air Con Technician


Like : Hard Work


Hates : People Having Tea Breaks

Mark Percival


Mechanical Technician 

Workshop Manager

Air Con Technician


Like : Cracking the whip


Hates : Getting his car dirty

Richard Buckler

uncle buck

Mechanical Technician 

Diagnostic Technician

Air Con Specialist

MOT Tester


Like : Too many biscuits 


Hates : Riding his bike

Emily Ward

Surf Chick

Head of IT and Social Media


Like : Eating on the beach


Hates : Being hungry

Martin Keenan (Our only Honorary Member)

forrest (because he never stopped)

Chief Maintenance man

Fixer of everything - ever.


Like : Being early. Working, working working


Hates : Being late. Doing nothing.

Dad is no longer employed, but will always be part of the team. Without him there would not be a South Court Garage!

John Pitcher

long pod

Keeping cars up to scratch

Keeping in touch with customers and their car needs.

Fixing customers up with just what they want.


Like : Selling cars and going on cruises {not linked with car sales}


Hates : Disorganised paperwork and not being on a cruise.

Scott Hayward


Mechanical Technician 

Diagnostic Technician

Auto Electrician


Like : Too much chocolate


Hates : His hair going grey

Toni Keenan


Office Worker

Keeping the Boys in check


Like : Weekends


Hates : The alarm clock

Roy Burdett


Car Valeter

(To shiny-new-pin standard)


Like : Keeping Busy


Hates : Sell-By-Dates