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Choose the option that suits your needs and budget:


  1. Standard ECU Code Read  (single system)

  2. or.....Vehicle Global Scan (all vehicles' management systems)

  3. or.....Diagnostic Assessment  (which includes a full Global Scan)

  4. Diagnostic Repairs & Procedures

Please note; that a Diagnostic Assessment will involve a detailed discussion about the vehicle symptoms, frequency of occurrence and customers requirements PRIOR to us undertaking any work. It is VERY important to us to get to the bottom of vehicle faults as efficiently & economically as possible.

“Diagnostic Assessment” is a huge array of tests. Charge by “outcome based” not by hourly rate;


For example, we will aim to produce for you an assessment of the condition of your car, with the probable causes confirmed. At the end of this assessment we will discuss with you the potential costs & time frame of the next steps. At this point, after paying for the completed assessment, you are free to take the car with no further work being done by us. Alternatively, we can continue through the next diagnostic phase as discussed with you & your requirements.


​The customer will be kept up to date with all the findings and potential costings. The Diagnostic Assessment  is to establish the area of the  vehicles faults. The repairs of the faults found will be estimated separately and at any point or at the end of any stage the customer can decide not to continue.


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